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The Letter Movie

Within the lonely confines of his house, Alfred’s elderly life works like clockwork.  Besides the weekly visits from his doctor, he does very little to expose himself socially to anyone.  Day by day he goes about his timed routine and maintains his attitude of sorrow, loss and loneliness.  With no social life, Alfred immerses himself in reading and painting.  When a mysterious letter arrives addressed “To Beth,” Alfred supposes the obvious, that someone must have mistaken the house.

But when a second letter arrives, Alfred finds himself trapped in a mystery he cannot neglect.  Emotionally he finds these letters to be frightening, yet artistically he finds them to be enthralling.  As his mind weaves around the letters and strays from his routine, he begins to paint a picture of an image deeply related to his circumstance.  When the third letter arrives, the sender announces his intent to enter the house--I am coming this Sunday night--hoping to find his intended receiver to be alone.  With this fate, the storm inside Alfred’s mind reaches a paramount.  Finally he realizes that the most frightening aspect of life is to alone in a time of danger.

The Letter will not only engage you in a thrilling suspense tale, but also carry you to an ending you would never have expected.  It is a story about a man driven mad by his loneliness.

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